Proud to be Lebanese

LEBANESE CITIZENS is a campaign to revalue the Lebanese identity, especially among youth, and work, all together, on the construction of a better future for our Country.

•Enhance Lebanese civic identity
•Encourage personal responsibility
•Train accomplished citizens
•Develop the concept of the Common Good
•Promote an optimistic vision of the future in Lebanon

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Project Headlines:

An organic citizenship education program
•Addressed to all Lebanese young people, without exception or discrimination
•Divided into three educational stages: School – High school – University
•With presentations to schools and universities
•Including public citizenship awareness campaigns
•Personalized support for each participant
•In close collaboration with families

First stage: BE A PERSON

A Family Club for children between 9 and 13

Identity and Family

Lebanese Citizens-Be a Person

  • Funny educational activities
  • Family outdoors plans
  • Sport
  • Handcrafts
  • Psychomotor learning
  • Sense of belonging
  • Personalized tutoring

Second stage: BE A WORKER

A Cultural Center for teenagers between 14 and 17

Study and Virtues

Lebanese Citizens-Be a Worker

  • Study methods and techniques
  • Oral and body expression
  • Personality and professional orientation tests
  • Using Free Time to enrich life
  • Visits to people in need
  • Solidarity summer camps
  • Language courses

Third stage: BE A LEADER

A Students Residence for young between 18 and 25

Diversity and Leadership

Lebanese Citizens-Be a Leader

  • Professional conferences, seminars and debates
  • Meetings with personalities
  • Multidisciplinary team work
  • Time Management skills
  • University students clubs
  • Virtuose Leadership program
  • Exchange with similar Residences worldwide

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“Don’t expect to see a change
if you don’t make one”

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