March 23, 2014

About Aldec


The “Lebanese Association for Development and Culture” (ALDEC) is a civilian non-profit and non-political Association, founded in 1997 by a group of professionals willing to actively and effectively work for the Development of Lebanon.

Since its very beginning, ALDEC has focused its activities on Personal Improvement, as the main basement of any solid human, cultural, social or economic development.

ALDEC’s main areas of work are:
Youth, Family and Personal Excellence.

Currently ALDEC has around 70 members and is running several successful projects, targeting all kind of people without any discrimination. Through its activities, ALDEC has become an active actor in the development of Lebanon.

ALDEC was officially approved on February 23rd, 1998 by the Decree number 35/AD of the Ministry of the Interior, which was published in the Lebanese Official Journal on February 26th, 1998.


ALDEC proudly works together with many Lebanese and International institutions, according to their nature and specific goals:

  • PRODES: a Lebanese NGO that provides continuous training for women and youth in order to promote active, positive and responsible participation of citizens in Lebanese society. (More information)
  • Association Familiale pour l’Education (Lebanon): is a Lebanese Association that promotes educational activities and establishments based on the main role of families in the education of their children. (More information)
  • International Federation for Family Development (IFFD): a Non-Governmental, independent and non-profit Federation which offers support to families worldwide through training programs for parents (More information).
  • Association for Cultural Interchange (USA): a public charity that provides financial support and assistance to other non-profit groups and educational institutions. (More information)
  • Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement (France): a not-for-profit association whose mission is to show solidarity with people in need, through education and vocational training programs. (More information)
  • Fundación Cárdenas Rosales (Spain): a Cooperation and Development Fund that promotes Education and Family development in Spain and abroad. (More information)
  • Promoción de Enseñanza y Ciencia (México)
  • LINCCO (Canada): is a charity that gives the opportunity to make a lasting difference in developing countries through skills development. (More information)
  • …and many others private and public institutions and persons, in Lebanon a and abroad.

Youth Protection Policy

ALDEC is dedicated to providing a safe educational environment for those who participate in its activities, especially all minors. It does not tolerate any sexual or physical abuse on the part of staff, volunteers, or participants, including behavior that is objectively intimidating, physically or verbally. Also, staff and volunteers do not provide any illegal substances to the participants nor permit their use. Every adult staff or volunteer submits to a background check and commits to follow a set of behavioral guidelines (here). If you are aware of any abusive behavior, please report it immediately to ALDEC’s Board, who will promptly investigate and resolve any such complaints or reports.

Development is about helping people to improve, first themselves, then their environment