March 31, 2020

Al Tilal International Center

The perfect place for personal improvement

Al Tilal is an International Conference Center located in Maad (Jbeil – North Lebanon).

The Conference Center contains several classrooms, meeting rooms, living rooms, a dining room, a chapel, garden areas and 24 fully equipped single bedrooms.

Al Tilal’s yearly schedule of activities includes workshops, professional conferences, seminars, study weekends, Summer Camps, spiritual retreats, evenings of recollection and other programs for either men or women. The Center is also available for Team Buildings and special events for families and Companies.

Al Tilal offers full hospitality services for people attending the activities: single bedrooms with complete bathroom, 4 meals, laundry and cleaning services, Wi-Fi, AC, heating, etc.


Workshops are long activities (from 5 till 20 days) which gathers people with different backgrounds and usually from different countries, to focus on specific professional, ethical, social or family challenges facing today’s life. The Workshops consist of talks, group discussions, informal get-togethers and other meetings, combined with time for personal work, sport, relax and socialization. During the workshops, a personal coaching is also provided, to offer guidance and encouragement for attendees to improve their personal life and their environment.


Every year a social summer camp is organized at Al Tilal, with the participation of volunteers from Lebanon and Europe. During the Summer Camp Volunteers work with Palestinian, Iraqis and Syrian Refugees in different location in Lebanon, providing medical assistance, emotional support, food, clothes, toys, etc. They also ameliorate houses and social premises, and organize sport tournaments and leisure activities for children.
The social activities are complemented with visits to Lebanese cultural sites and other emblematic places.


Weekend-long time spent in silence, prayer and reflection, provide an opportunity to reflect on one’s everyday occupations, family life and relationships with God and others in light of the basic truths of the Catholic faith. People who attend spiritual retreats gain a more intimate friendship with Jesus Christ, a clearer perspective on the course of their lives, insights to what needs improvement in their family as well as professional lives, stronger self-knowledge and a return to everyday life with a greater sense of joyful confidence in God.

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