May 12, 2014


Alnair aims to involve young people social action, especially helping refugees and poor families living in the suburbs surrounding Beirut.

Alnair is a small size project aiming to alleviate the needs of these people and to educate proactive youngsters in social action. By doing so ALDEC’s goal is to give rise to future leaders that influence in various social sectors in order to create a more equal society.

The Alnair proyect focus in 3 fields:

  • giving rise to proactive youth involved in social development
  • alleviate the needs of refugees and people at risk of exclusion
  • create a network of people from various backgrounds committed to social inclusion and equality

To do so, Alnair –project organises the following activities:

  • Workshops and seminars for youngsters (14 to 24 year old). The seminars focus on social needs, equality, driving social inclusion, leadership, etc.
  • Visits twice a month to refugee families undertaken by the young volunteers. In those visits they will help the families in ordinary matters, give social counseling and organize activities for the children, such as mathematics and English classes, sports, etc.
  • Visits once a month to families in risk of exclusion and/or local hospices. Similar to the visits to refugees.
  • Once a year one Summer Work Camp with refugees, working in the houses/hospices to paint the installations, connect them to the energy and clean water networks.
  • Once a year one Summer Camp with the volunteers to sum up the experiences of the year, organize social action for the next year and think new ways to help our beneficiaries.
  • Arrange meetings and conferences given by leading figures from various social sectors (NGOs leaders, businessmen and women, etc.). The main goal is to transmit their experience to the young volunteers as well as to (further) involve lecturers in social activities.