March 31, 2020

Centre Culturel Les Cèdres

Striving for personal excellence in the service of others

Located in the middle of Beirut, The Cedars Cultural Center helps professional people who want to bring excellence and purpose to every aspect of their lives.  By focusing on personal development, professional ethics and social commitment, The Cedars Cultural Center provides the needed support to find meaning in everyday life and make a positive impact in Society.

Equipped with working and meeting rooms, a large study room, library and audiovisual equipment, computers and internet, as well as experienced instructors; the Center therefore counts with all the means necessary to achieve its objective: to create an atmosphere of human and spiritual enrichment, which invites those who participate in its activities to improve themselves and to spread these ideals around them.

The Cedars’s Cultural Center also offers spiritual activities and personal assistance to those who wish it, that has been entrusted to Opus Dei, Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church

The Cedars Cultural Center Activities help professionals to:

  • Strive for personal and professional excellence, in each one’s chosen field
  • Balance family, professional and on-going cultural development
  • Learn ethical principles and how to apply them to all aspects of life
  • Cultivate spiritual life
  • Work for the common good of society through one’s work, social responsibility and community involvement
  • Serve others through one’s job and develop healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Appreciate people of diverse backgrounds
  • Etc.

Some activities

Resources Library

Contact Details:
Zahret el Ihsan Street
Le Select Building 2nd Floor
Achrafieh – Beirut

Tel. +961 – 1 – 326 596
POBox 166872 Achrafieh, 1100 – 2160 Beirut