April 17, 2020

How to Help

There are countless ways to contribute to ALDEC’s Development programs: everyone can help and we need the help of everyone. Here you have some ideas:

With your moral support:

  • By sharing our vision and mission
  • Participating in our commitment with the progress of Lebanon

With your personal support:

  • Promoting our Projects and Activities around you
  • Introducing us to other people who might be willing to help
  • Providing professional services
  • With your time and skills

With your material support:

  • With Personal or Corporate Donations
  • Donating goods
  • Financing scholarships, solidarity programs, activities, etc.
  • Organizing fundraising and charitable campaigns
  • By cash grants in several flavors:
    • One time donation – Regular installments
    • For generic needs – To cover specific fees
    • In Lebanon – USA – France – Canada – Mexico – Spain – etc.

Ask about Tax deductions and exceptions benefits for your grants in America and Europe.

And be aware of the ALDEC’s “Running Match” benefit:

For a special financial support received from a private philanthropic institution in America, all cash grants to ALDEC give rise to a “Matching Funds” donation with 1:1 ratio, meaning that:

You give one,
we receive two!

For more details and inquiries contact us at: info@aldec-lb.org