April 14, 2020

Phoenix Students Residence

Phoenix Student Residence is a place for brilliant university students looking for a dorm in the heart of Beirut. Our concept is much more than a dorm. It is a space for people to develop their skills, build their network and live by great values like citizenship, honesty, friendship, compassion and faith, values which are needed to become an accomplished person.

Member of a network of Residences present in 80 countries around the World, our newly born Student Residence has just been launched in Badaro Area, the heart of Beirut and a neighborhood full of youthful spirit.

Our Student Residence is engaged in helping our students reach their best academic performance by offering a mentoring program, a conducive study environment in our center and a plethora of cultural activities that we organize. A family environment is promoted so that everyone feels “at home” and students easily create long lasting friendships.

Your professional success depends on your academic performance. Academic excellence is the pillar #1 in our student residence, thanks to our mentoring program, its study environment and rooms and many fulfilling cultural activities and trips.

University years are the ones we cherish the most as we are set to shape our career and build our own network at the same time.

Our students come from different backgrounds but they all share the same common values. This is when long-lasting friendships truly make sense.

Thanks to our educational project and activities, we provide our students with all the necessary tools to fulfil their potential in all the dimensions of their lives. We help our students excel in their academic performance, make a good use of their freedom, obtain a transcendental vision and become leaders of change in society.

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